Financial Power of Attorney

What is a Financial Power of Attorney?

A Financial Power of Attorney for is a document that grants authority by the principal or signer, to the agent or representative of the principal to act on their behalf in all matters financial. The agent is given the power to sign on behalf of the principal and can therefore enter into contracts, pay utility bills, sign mortgage documents, communicate with credit card companies and is empowered to conduct banking transactions for the principal. These are just a few of the powers that are granted to an agent in a Financial Power of Attorney. There are many other powers and they can be given without restrictions or they can be limited to a very narrow scope by the principal so as to limit the what the agent can and can not do on behalf of the client. 

Why do you need a Mobile Notary to execute a Financial Power of Attorney?
Of course, for this document to be accepted by the institutions, utility companies, insurance companies, and banks that is will undoubtedly be used at it must be executed properly and must be notarized by a commissioned Notary Public of the State in which it is signed. The signer must sign the document in front of a Notary Public and for this reason our mobile notaries will travel to you anywhere in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities to notarize the document at a location that is convenient for you. We can send a mobile notary to any hospital, long term care center, office building, attorney's office, home or even coffee shop of your choosing so that you don't have travel to get the document notarized properly. One of our expert mobile notaries will meet with you to review the document, verify the identity of the signer, check for completeness and will make sure the document is notarized properly and meets the standards as required so that you may begin using it immediately.
Power of Attorney Appointment Request Form
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Complete the financial power of attorney form above then click submit. The document will print in our office and will be delivered to you anywhere in Las Vegas by one of our expert notaries who will witness the signatures, verify ID and then notarize the document. Your power of attorney document will be immediately ready to use. 

  1. Complete your own financial power of attorney form.

  2. The completed documents is sent to our office printer.

  3. One of our certified mobile notaries will hand deliver and notarize the financial power of attorney. 

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