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Nevada Sample Apostille 

Nevada Apostille Certificate
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  1. An Apostille is a certification performed by the Secretary of States office and it a verification to Governments of foreign nations that the Notary Public who Notarized a document is in good standing, licensed and that the Notary's signature matches what is a known sample on file with the State. 

  2. Apostille Stamps and certifications are only done by the Secretary of State in the State which the Notary Public is commissioned and performed the Notarization. 

  3. Sometimes a document you need Notarized is for use in another country and a Notarization stamp by a licensed Notary Pubic is not sufficient for the Nation in question. Documents for use internationally, in addition to being notarized, must be certified by the State in which the Notary resides. The Notary's Secretary of State will verify the Notary's signature, current good standing and valid commission and signature to make sure it matches what they have on file. When all of those conditions have been met, the Secretary of States office will then further certify the document with an Apostille certificate. With that certification the State is now standing behind that documents Notarization and the document is now recognized in any country that participates in the Hague convention. 

  4. We provide Apostille services and can have your document Apostilled and in your hands in less than 24hr. Apostille services typically take 10 to 14 business days to mail out but can be expedited. If you need an Apostille fast, we can help. We offer 24hr, 6hr, 4hr and 1hr Apostille turnaround times and will maintain possession of your document from the moment we Notarize until it is returned to you, only leaving our possession for certification at the Secretary of States office.

*Only when expedited services are requested. 


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